BFB brain arch

We will help you

To utilise your brain how you wish, when you wish and wherever you wish.

What are we selling?

We sell the opportunity for anyone to gain awareness of your psychoemotional state and control it at will in practically any conditions using external or internal resources.

Fields in which our device could be used

Target audience.


There's a marked need for a more technologically advanced device for monitoring and analysing bodily functions. Such a need has always been around, still is and we believe that it will always be there.


Wearable hardware, firmware and software combination BrainArch

Modern state of technology

We are unaware of any analogic or similar existing devices.

There exist stationary and wearable devices which have been used for a long time in practise. These devices are: encephalograph, cardiograph, photoplethysmograph (PPG), devices for registration of galvanic skin response (GSR), biofeedback devices and other data devices.

Difference in technologies

We replace many devices for 1(one) device

Advantage: many types of taking information, analysis, delivery, permissible variations, standards, and errors we bring into one device

One wearable device combines basic possibilities of all mentioned devices in one body frame in many conditions

Possibilities and Aims

  1. Possibilities for registration 24/7
  2. Possibilities for self-correction
  3. Device itself is cheaper than existing devices
  4. Possibility to deliver information to third persons and receiving information from third persons

Mission of this project

To become the leading developer and manufacturer of the wearable hardware/firmware complex, when this complex will perform mentioned and additional tasks.

What we have now

  1. A laboratory archetype of arch has been made for taking data.
  2. Using special equipment and using laboratory samples and as a source of information EEG, heart rate, galvanic skin response, blood filling diagram, elements of myogram have been registered, it has proven the possibility of BFB.
  3. Project developments have been started with accordance to IPMA methodology.
  4. A pre-marketing vision of the finished product and its possibilities has been created.
  5. Patent Pending (The utility patent provisional application has been received.)

Simplified internal scheme


  1. Seniors with needs of frequent monitoring and correction of their emotional and physical state.
  2. Children and teenagers with similar needs as seniors.
  3. Those who wish to learn how to manage their emotional and physical state in different life situations.
  4. Teachers and coaches for detecting the physical limits of their pupils and for increasing limits of their pupils.

What do we have?

  1. A laboratory prototype
  2. Large devices for registering and detection of different information and BFB
  3. Utility patent Provisional application
  4. Understanding of the architecture of the whole hardware/firmware complex

What we need

  1. To start projecting and testing the hardware/firmware complex in a small, wearable body frame
  2. To create the first working versions of programs, which support functioning of the hardware/firmware complex (H/FC)
  3. To start development of technical documentation for hardware/firmware complex certification.
  4. To prepare for certification
  5. A LOA (Letter of agreement)
  6. Patenting
  7. Market analysis

200 k EUR

1-12 months

Our aim

  1. Constructive documentation for hardware/firmware complex (H/FC) manufacturing
  2. Software for hardware/firmware complex (H/FC) functioning
  3. Contracts for manufacturing and sale contracts
  4. Contracts for accompaniment of exploitation.
  5. Patent umbrella
  6. Certification
  7. All company functions

? k EUR

13-24 months


Creator and Project Manager

Konstantins Pudovskis

00371 29877849

skype: brainarchcom


-Doctor of med. Science
Nelli Tolmacha
and group of developers